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Stand Up for Democracy Candlelight Vigil

On Jan. 6, 2021, the world witnessed a violent and deadly attack against all Americans – against our country, our democracy, and our freedom as voters to choose the leaders that represent us so that we have a government of, by, and for the people.


On Jan. 6, 2022, the League of Women Voters of the Morristown Area and the elected officials in the Morris County, NJ organized a nonpartisan, peaceful candlelight vigil as part of the nationwide movement to "Stand Up for Democracy" and mark the one-year anniversary of this horrific event.

Speakers included Donna Guariglia, president of the League of Women Voters of the Morristown Area; Amalia Duarte, Mendham Committeewoman; Sandi Mayer, Morristown Councilwoman; Tim Dougherty, Morristown Mayor; Vanessa Brown, President of the Morris County Branch of the NAACP; Matt Duffy, NJ Institute for Social Justice; Diana Calle, LUPE Fund; a student from West Morris HS; and Rev. Alison Miller, Morristown Unitarian Church. "America the Beautiful" was played while Ms. Duarte read the names of law enforcement officers who died from the Capitol insurrection.


“We will remember law enforcement who were attacked, injured and lost their lives that day or later died by suicide,” said Amalia Duarte, Mendham Township Committeewoman, and Chair of the Elected Officials Caucus. “The promise of democracy is not a partisan issue but a calling that unites us as Americans.”


Deborah McComber, Vice President, League of Women Voters of New Jersey, said, “The Jan 6th insurrection marked the start of ongoing attacks on our basic freedom to vote. Since then, we have seen the passing of laws making it harder to vote and redistricting measures that sabotage free and fair elections. This vigil calls on all Americans to come together to protect the vote and with it our democracy.” 

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LWV Morristown Area


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